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An Obliquity, by D.M. Wozniak - 4 Stars

I first discovered D.M. Wozniak when I was sent a copy of The Perihelion for review and was struck by the grownup nature of the writing and how he handled the useful literary tool of one particular type of character to open up the story – revealing an almost artificial urban landscape of the future captured from various angles through a photographer’s lens. The photographer isn’t the main protagonist but he adds historical confirmation and realistic depth.
Although all characters were placed in tragic plights, and still are in this sequel, the author found beauty in human flaws and redemption in both human and non-human suffering, when to the characters themselves it must have seemed like the ordinary subjective baseness of living for survival’s sake. The Perihelion was a story of how one great event unfolded, a chaotic inversion of social order in the name of freedom. An Obliquity is an aftermath novel, the story of what happens to the characters next and how they come to terms with…

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