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Reading and reviewing soon

I'm so sorry to be anti-social but as of 17th April I've closed my submissions email address because I don't have much time to write reviews and can't keep up with requests. I've finished reading all of the following and will dutifully complete shorter reviews in the next couple of months, maybe three: Obsidian Worlds, Alien Storm, The Future Chronicles, Project Bodi, Hygge The Danish Art of Happiness, The Split, Eclipse, Wee Free Men, Rapture, The Whymsyless Tale of Firstname Lastname, Earth-Net, The Future I'm Given, Buying Illegal Bugs with Bitcoin, Royal Rebel, Gil's World, Thud, I am a Failure, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, Tenga and A-Void.

I'm currently reading: 12 Rules for Life (popular philosophy), Aliens Tequila & Us: Sonnets Legacy and The Spiderwick Chronicles. I also want to read a book by Ian Antony(see my review of A Curiosity of the Solar System) called One of Life's Great Mysteries. I know I have a rule trying not to review more …

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